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Panels and Workshops | 2019 Annual International Conference and Festival


Available to Conference and Festival registrants and the Dayton Community, the IABD Conference and Festival's Panels and Workshops are an opportunity to engage around the conference theme, Etched in Stone: Resilient Through Time, through Digital Presentation/Films, Individual Papers, Lectures, Lecture-Demonstrations, Mixed-Media, Movement Workshops, Panels, or Roundtable Discussions. 


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Thursday, January 24, 2019

All panels and workshops at Dayton Convention Center (DCC)


8:00 am – 9:00 am

Founders Conversation

Opening Plenary

Lela Sewell Williams, Facilitator

Debbie Blunden-Diggs, Joan Myers Brown, Cleo Parker Robinson, Lula Washington, Ann Williams, Panelists

An in-depth conversation with the Founding Members of IABD. A deeply insightful examination of the journey, lessons learned, the struggles, and the victories.

[DCC 305/306]


9:30 am – 10:15 am

Straight White Spaces: Why Equitable Representation Matters

Individual Paper

Dr. Ayo Walker, Facilitator

This presentation argues for equitable representation in curricula and pedagogical practices for the discipline of dance in higher education and explicates why it matters to the discipline’s collective identity. [DCC 206]


9:30 am – 11:00 am

Here We Go Again!

Movement Workshop

Latanya D. Tigner, Facilitator

Movement workshop exploring Central and West African religious and social dances, particularly the movement origins of specific traditional Hip Hop steps and African American social dances that fall under the umbrella of Hip Hop. [DCC 204]


Artist Voices: A Panel on Sustaining Longevity as a Performance and Teaching Artist through Diverse Audiences


Ashlee McKinnon, Facilitator

Ronya-Lee Anderson, Errin Berry, Antoine Hunter, LeeAnet Noble, Panelists

This panel of active dance performers will discuss how they have remained active in the field as performers, choreographers, and teachers through choosing diverse paths of work, catering to unrecognized audiences, and crossing the lines of artistry and academics. [DCC 309]


10:25 am – 11:10 am

Schoolin’ Life


Alesondra Christmas, Facilitator

Jazelynn Goudy, Davianna Green, Jade Robertson, Panelists

The presentation is a panel to discuss navigating graduate school as a Black woman at a predominantly white institution. [DCC 206]


11:20 am – 12:50 pm

So You Think You Wanna Teach?

Roundtable Discussion

DeAngelo Blanchard, Tina Mullone, Amanda Standard, Facilitators

This discussion centers around the integration of dance skills through arts education and other areas beyond the stage. [DCC 204]


11:20 am – 12:50 pm

Emergency Preparedness: How to Protect Your Assets


Tom Clareson and Carol Foster, Facilitators

A presentation about disaster preparedness and the tools available to help organizations and individuals execute emergency recovery plans. Performing Arts organizations and individuals are not exempt from disasters and in present times, they are no longer rare occurrences. Vulnerable to disasters and emergencies that can halt performances, sometimes indefinitely, and put an organization out of business overnight, this discussion asks the question, “Are you ready?”  [DCC 206]


Reclaiming My Space: Black Female Bodies on the Mainstage


Karen Charles, Facilitator

The presentation will focus on Black female bodies and their acceptance in mainstream media.

[DCC 309]


1:00 pm – 1:30 pm


One-on-One Conversation

Jay Staten, Facilitator

Claude Alexander, Artist


More information coming soon…


4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Redefining Economic Norms in Black Dance: How to Make Money Now

Lecture / Panel

Sean McLeod, Facilitator

Devon McLeod, Thomas Warfield, Panelists

Redefining Economic Norms in Black Dance: A discussion about costs, payments, marketing, advertising, business innovation, and sponsorship acquisition. How can dance companies economically create their way out of any money situation they might have and design new pathways to economic possibility?  [DCC 206]


Narratives in Black British Dance: Embodied Practices

Lecture Demonstration

Mercy Nabirye, Facilitator

Dr. Adesola Akinleye, Namron OBE, H. Patten, Panelists

A convened lecture demonstration illustrating the rich tapestry of resilience, history and joy of those of the British Black diaspora. [DCC 309]


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Next Generation Leaders of IABD Meeting

Roundtable Discussion

Denise Saunders Thompson, Facilitator

Invitation Only. An open conversation with the Next Generation Leaders of IABD about the newly established NextGen Committee, its leadership, and programming. [DCC 204]


6:30 pm – 7:00 pm


One-on-One Conversation

Jay Staten, Facilitator

Claude Alexander, Artist

[DCC 307 Alcove]

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Friday, January 25, 2019

All panels and workshops at Dayton Convention Center (DCC)


8:00 am – 9:00 am

A Story of Resiliency: One Hundred Years of Black American Ballet

Opening Plenary

Joselli Deans, Facilitator

As IABD celebrates the resiliency of Blacks in American dance, this presentation will highlight some of the achievements and contributions made by black ballet dancers in the past century that remain in obscurity. The legacy of black ballet academies, dancers, and the companies in which they performed, demonstrates the resolve these artists had to excellence and success despite the cultural perceptions that impeded them. Biases concerning the cultural, social, and physical incompatibility of ballet dancers of African descent will be addressed throughout the session directly followed by a question and answer format. [DCC 305/306]

9:30 am – 11: 00 am

Her-story: Black Ballerinas Through Time


Dr. Melayne White Dixon, Facilitator

Aesha Ash, Lydia Abarca-Mitchell, Delores Browne, Panelists

A panel discussion with Aesha Ash, Lydia Abarca-Mitchell, Delores Browne, and China White to discuss Black Ballerinas past, present and future directions in dance. These dancers are all connected, each of them in their own time chipping away at the mold that has been preserved at the pinnacle of classical dance with unparalleled careers in Ballet. [DCC 206]


Series III: Connecting Possibilities through International Initiatives


Mercy Nabirye OneDanceUK, UK and Vivine Scarlett, dance Immersion, Canada, Facilitators

Dr. Adesola Akinleye, Dancing Strong, UK; H. Patten, Koromanti Arts, UK; Thomas Talawa Prestø, Tabanka Dance Ensemble, Norway; Robert Solomon, Jazz Dance Theatre, Germany, Panelists

"Connecting Possibilities through International Initiatives" continues the discourse on international collaborations and explores possibilities for initiatives that connect amongst an international dance community. It is aimed at sharing experiences, developing working strategies and blueprints which can influence and shape future practices across the global diasporas.

In this session we will hear from 4 innovative and accomplished creative leaders working in and with widely differing diaspora sites. Through a facilitated conversation, they will demonstrate the birth of ideas, scenarios, challenges, limitations and milestones. They will explore commonalities and differences, catapulting us towards a blueprint for successful multisite strategies for success and sustainability. A particular focus will be on the potential and benefits of reaching out to a global community and validating each other as a strategy for global mobility. [DCC 309]


11:20 am – 12:50 pm

Black Dance in Magazines

Roundtable Discussion

Norma Porter, Facilitator

Adesola Akinleye, Ph.D, Julinda Lewis, and Jelani Taylor, Panelists

The Black Dance in Magazines panel seeks to explore and analyze the amount, quality and frequency of coverage of Black dance in industry magazines. Furthermore, the panel and its participants will discuss the impact such coverage has had on Black dance artists careers and Black dance organizations. Finally, the panel will explore the following: 1) the idea and purpose of a Black Dance Magazine in the 21st Century and 2) how such a publication could impact the lives, work and opportunities of current and future generations of Black dance artists.  [DCC 206]

The Anatomically and Medically-Wise Dancer: A 21st Century Approach to Sustaining Healthy Movement

Movement Workshop and Paper Presentation

Frances Clarke and Kehinde Ishangi, Facilitators

This movement workshop and paper presentation will highlight the necessity of being aware of one’s body and the ability to feel/sense what is happening. [DCC 309]


12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Wisdom Circle

Roundtable Discussion

Rhonda Greene, Facilitator

Stephanie Hughley, Njia Kai Kaza, Assane Konte, Juanita Moore, Baraka Sele, AB Spellman, Reggie Van Lee, Keith Williams, Panelists

Wisdom Circle offers a series of short small group connections and life-on-life engagements, followed by large group reflections with people who are doing the work in the field of Dance. [DCC 308]


1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

"Hypersexuality" in Dance

Roundtable Discussion

Tina Mullone, Facilitator

What is it and is it a code word to discourage Black Dance? [DCC 206]


Commercial Dance: The Radio City Rockettes and the Talent Pipeline


The Radio City Rockettes, Facilitators

Members of the Radio City Rockettes discuss their professional journey and what it is like to be a part of an iconic dance company. A conversation on what the Rockettes represent according to the Rockettes of today, the personal journey for the dancers who come from different dance backgrounds and stylistic educations, for a singular goal and professional identity, as well as a real discussion on the professional talent pipeline and what communication should look like to garner the desired results: namely a more diverse and inclusive professional dance space. [DCC 309]


3:20 pm – 4:50 pm

Man to Man

Roundtable Discussion

Charles Augins, Facilitator

An open forum conversation between male dancers discussing their journey as an artist. [DCC 308]


NEA + Fundraising


Sara Nash, Facilitator

Join National Endowments for the Arts staff for a group session on agency funding opportunities. Staff will present a short overview of various funding programs within the Art Works grant program, followed by a Q&A session. [DCC 309]


3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Institute for Dunham Technique Certification

Katherine Dunham: Socialization Through the Arts + Dunham Technique Class

Lecture and Movement Workshop

Penny Goldboldo and Halifu Osumare, Ph.D., Facilitators

An introduction of Katherine Dunham and the history, theory, application of her technique through a lecture and class. The Institute for Dunham Technique Certification is a non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of dancer/choreographer/anthropologist Katherine Dunham. (1909-2006) The Institute maintains a professional standard for the teaching of Dunham Technique, thereby ensuring the instructors have a thorough technical and philosophical understanding of the technique. [DCC 308]


6:30 pm – 7:00 pm


One-on-One Conversation

Jay Staten, Facilitator

Alicia Graf Mack, Artist

[DCC 307 Alcove]

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

All panels and workshops at Dayton Convention Center (DCC)


9:30 am – 11: 00 am

Writing Black Dance Memoir

Writing Workshop

Dr. Halifu Osumare, Facilitator

Dancers need to write our stories, which will in turn help our audience understand what we know to be true about the Black dancing life experience. This is a hands-on workshop designed for dance enthusiasts to learn how to tell their personal story in the context of developing African diasporan dance. The focus is on building writing skills to encompass both one’s microcosmic individual story and the macrocosmic larger field of black dance. The workshop also helps the dancer-choreographer understand periodization, and how to capture the time era encompassing one's own personal dance story. The participants end the workshop with an example paragraph about their own personal dance story as inspiration for further memoir writing. [DCC 208]


9:30 am – 11: 00 am

History of the Afro Suriname Dance and the basic life skill it provides

Lecture Demonstration

Darell Geldorp and Giovanni Robinson, Facilitators

Interactive presentation with opportunities for questions and demonstrations. [DCC 308]


11:20 am – 12:50 pm

Dance Aesthetics: An African Perspective

Individual Lecture

Dr. Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor, Facilitator

This presentation introduces the notion of Aesthetics, interrogates existing perspectives and introduces the African perspective through Ghanaian/Anlo-Ewe material. [DCC 206]


Dancing while being Deaf People of Color


Antoine Hunter, Facilitator

Michelle Banks, Fred Beam, Ronnie Bradley, Ameena Patterson, Panelists

This panel will be a rare opportunity to peek into Deaf culture especially as Deaf people of color in the dance world. We will discuss how to work with deaf dancers as well as debunk the myths and realities of Deaf dancers and further discuss how people of color face a “triple whammy” with discrimination in current society. The panel will consist of popular Deaf dancers with different backgrounds of various styles of dance including Ballet and West African dance. [DCC 309]


1:10 pm – 2:40 pm

Necessary and Crucial Non-Performance Careers in Dance


Cheryl Goodman, Facilitator

Sara Nash, Oliver Ragsdale, Panelists

A presentation of administrative careers available and necessary in the field, particularly for those passionate about dance who have chosen to perform in a professional role and capacity. [DCC 206]


2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

CDSM Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Brenda Dixon-Gottschild, Facilitator

Germaul Barnes, Dawn Marie Bazemore, Dr. RAS Mikey Courtney, Julinda Lewis, Dr. Nyama McCarthy-Brown, Thomas Prestø, Panelists

In the collective tradition of our Ancestors, dance practitioners who are leaders in various aspects of dance culture and from several geographical regions will come together to discuss empowerment strategies they have gathered and implemented over multiple years in the performance field as researchers, scholars, educators, choreographers, presenters. All members of the IABD community are invited to attend this intergenerational, open platform of resource sharing and discussion. [DCC 308]

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