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Highlights and Milestones

♦ 1st national/international organization responsible for preserving and promoting dance by people of African descent.

♦ Internationally recognized political forum, networking for administrators, educators, choreographers, and dancers.

♦ Yearly conferences that feature and highlight classes with master artists of African descent.

♦ Nationally recognized political forum for addressing critical issues and concerns.

♦ Yearly conferences with 200% growth pattern evident in over seven locales across the country.

♦ Brought in artists globally (Peru, Australia, South America, Switzerland, Africa, England, Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Bermuda, and Canada).

♦ Published choreographers directory.

♦ Annually published newsletters on current membership events, national trends, and dance updates.

♦ Published journal of articles by the membership of scholars, artists, and educators.

♦ Inter-generational dialogue between dance pioneers and students throughout the nation.

♦ Nurtured dialogue between companies of different art forms.

♦ Developed and established reciprocal relationships with Dance/USA and other organizations throughout the United States of America.

♦ Established archives with the National Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum in Wilberforce, Ohio, Afro American Historical Museum in Philadelphia, PA, and Howard University, Moorland-Spingarn Library, Washington, DC.

♦ Increased visibility and credibility of conference host companies, choreographers, and artists in their communities.

♦ Consistently and continually working with artists, companies, and choreographers to support their works in their community. 

♦ Committed to documenting and addressing our aesthetics in dance.

♦ Technical assistance to companies becoming presenters within their communities and across the country.

♦ Created opportunities for joint ventures for companies, choreographers, and universities throughout the country.

♦ Established a scholarship-training program for dancers throughout the IABD membership.

♦ Established emergency fund for IABD artists and companies.

♦ Developed first multi-company dance audition across the nation.