IABD 2020


Volunteers | 2020 Annual International Conference and Festival

Volunteer Training Meeting

The 32nd Annual International Conference and Festival of Blacks in Dance takes place with the support of hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time to help make our events successful. Volunteers assist with many aspects of the conference and festival, from helping behind the scenes to serving as a liaison to our international and VIP guests.

We are currently seeking volunteers who love Dance, or who simply enjoy lending a hand, for our 2020 events in Philadelphia, PA! Volunteer shifts are available between the dates of January 12 - 20, 2020. Reliable and dedicated individuals who are interested in gaining valuable hands-on experience, knowledge and insight into the arts community, and willing to give of their time and expertise are welcome!

There will be two (2) mandatory training sessions closer to the Conference and Festival that will be scheduled to better orient you with the activities and better prepare you for your responsibilities. Please join us. We have an exciting opportunity for individuals looking for volunteer experience through practical, hands-on work at the 32nd Annual International Conference and Festival.

To volunteer, complete the Volunteer Form below. Volunteer tasks include but are not limited to: registration, ticket takers, ushers, production and guest liaisons.  Sign up by clicking the link below to volunteer!


Volunteers Make A Difference. As a volunteer, you can:

Email questions to: programs@iabdassociation.org | Subject line: VOLUNTEERS


**CONFIRMED VOLUNTEERS, please CLICK HERE to complete the Terms and Conditions Form.**


If you are interested in volunteering at our annual conference and festival, please review the volunteer duties below.

Dress Business Casual (no jeans and t-shirts that have rips/ tears/ ragged/ damaged areas/ vulgar language)

Volunteer Services:

o   Help with registration process

o   Stuff bags

o   Count participants and attendees

o   Distribute surveys

o   Aid in AV setup

o   Data entry

o   Create name badges

o   Pass out programs for performances and awards dinner

o   Set-up room

o   Room monitors

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

o   Stuff bags and pre-registration set-up

o   Training session for registration (for all who can attend)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

o   Requirements for volunteers on conference and festival days

·     All volunteers who are working in the morning must be present at least thirty minutes before registration begins.

·     Volunteers are needed for the registration area.

·     Volunteers are needed for data entry.

·     Volunteers are needed for all conference and festival sessions. (Volunteers must also sit in the room during sessions to make sure that the presenters have everything they need.)

·     Volunteers are needed for the additional programming and events happening during the conference and festival.

·     Volunteers are needed to be runners at various times during the conference and festival.

·     There are many more volunteers opportunities to sign up for!

Monday (post conference/festival)

o   Requirements for volunteers following the conference and festival

·     Volunteers are needed for post-conference and festival breakdown.

Volunteers should sign up in two - four hour increments, so as not to cause conflicts as the sessions are in progress.