IABD 2020


Sessions | 2020 Annual International Conference and Festival

This curated programming inside the Conference and Festival is designed to make you move, talk and learn.

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At the Feet of the Masters - A two-hour session focused on a specific style/technique of dance followed by a Q&A with a master teacher for intermediate and advanced dancers.

At the Feet of the Masters | Hinton Battle     At the Feet of the Masters | Sandra Fortune-Green

At the Feet of the Masters | Milton Myers     At the Feet of the Masters | Sheron Trotman

Lecture Demonstration - An interactive presentation incorporating a topic of discussion through music and dance.

Movement Workshop - The exploration of the body and its ability to adapt and move through space.



Roundtable - A forum motivated by a specific topic and the desire to discuss and debate.

Workshop - An intensive experience that provides the tools and knowledge required to explore and further the development of your craft.



Digital Presentation - A visual presentation which has components and content that are accessible through technology that helps you better convey your message and illustrate your material.

Film - A motion picture that stimulates experiences that communicate ideas, stories and perceptions.

Lecture - An oral presentation that presents critical information about a particular subject.

Panel - An intimate conversation between colleagues centered on a topic, question or idea presented to an audience.