You dance because you have to.
Dance is an essential part of life that has always been with me.

- Katherine Dunham

Jasmine White-Killins, Ballet

Jasmine White-Killins

Charmaine Hunter, Ballet

Charmaine Hunter

Patrick Parson, Afro-Caribbean

Patrick Parson

Sean J. Smith, Tap

Sean J. Smith

Candice Franklin, Jazz

Candice Franklin

Zach Law Ingram, Contemporary Modern

Zach Ingram

 Denise Allen, Jazz

Denise Allen

Marcus White, Hip Hop

Marcus White

Kay Eichman, Ballet

Kay Eichman

Roderick George, Ballet

Roderick George


Tamara Williams, West African, Modern

Tamara Williams

Jamie Thompson, Modern

Jamie Thompson


Iquail Shaheed, Horton

Iquail Shaheed

Alvon Reed, Jazz

Alvon Reed

Stephanie Powell, Liturgical

Stephanie Powell

Karen Prall, Central African

Karen Prall

Kavin Grant, Hip Hop

Kavin Grant

Michelle Zada Hall, Modern

Michelle Zada Hall

DeShona Pepper Robertson, Modern

Deshona Pepper Robertson

Terence Greene, Jazz

Terence Greene

Ceyhun Ozsoy, Ballet

Ceyhun Ozsoy

Michael Medcalf, Horton

 Michael Medcalf

Allyne Gartrell, Modern

Allyne Gartrell

Sean McLeod, MT Afro Hip Hop

Sean McLeod


Errin Berry, Liturgical

Errin Berry


Courtney Holland, Jazz

Courtney Holland

Derrick Minter, Graham/ Horton Fusion

Derrick Minter

Bintou Kouyate, West African

Bintou Kouyate

Saroya Corbett, Dunham

Saroya Corbett

Robert Mason, Ballet

Robert Mason

Adama Jewel Jackson, West African

Adama Jewel Jackson

Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Contemporary Modern

Tiffany Rea Fisher

Lauren Anderson, Ballet/ Pointe

Lauren Anderson

Shani Sterling, Ghanaian

Shani Sterling

Nicole Clark-Springer, Repertory

Nicole Clark Springer

Kay Mazzo, Ballet

Kay Mazzo

Andrea Long-Naidu, Ballet

Andrea Long-Naidu

Jeremy McQueen, Contemporary Modern

Jeremy McQueen

Adam Mckinney, Ballet

Adam McKinney

Katherine Smith, Horton

Katherine J. Smith

Baba Assane Konte, West African

Assane Konte

Cleo Parker Robinson, Cleo Fusion

Cleo Parker Robinson

Amanda Standard, Jazz

Amanda Standard

Quynn Johnson, Tap

Quynn Johnson

Keith Clark, Hip Hop

Keith Clark

Charis Moses, Jazz

Charis Moses

Torens Johnson, Modern

Torens Johnson

Alexandra James Bell, Hip Hop

Alexandra James Bell

Darrell Cleveland, Contemporary Modern

Darrell Cleveland

 Reegan Haynes, Hip Hop

Reegan Haynes

 Robert Garland, Ballet

Robert Garland