Dallas, TX

Everything is BIG in Texas

Dallas TXThe city of Dallas has something for everyone. Whether you visit on business or pleasure, Dallas is a city that offers a unique blend of Southwestern warmth, cosmopolitan flair, old west charm and modern sophistication.

When it comes to fun, Dallas is the main attraction. Visitors to Dallas are met with a hearty helping of Texas hospitality and plenty of activities from which to choose. From historic Dallas to the modern city, Dallas is a city to enjoy. Museums, amusement parks, gardens, historic sites and other activities can be found around every corner - from downtown to the suburbs and beyond.

The Arts are alive in Dallas. The Dallas Arts District, located on the north side of downtown, is the largest urban district in the United States. The Dallas Museum of Art and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center are two of the most prominent features on the Dallas Arts scene, while several other museums grace the grounds of Fair Park - including The Science Place and the African American Museum.

Throughout Dallas, you'll find an amazing blend of artistic expressions that reflect the multicultural dynamics of the city's heritage.

As the leading visitor destination in Texas, Dallas offers a wealth of accommodations, from world-class luxury suites to family-priced rooms.

It's no coincidence that Dallas is the number one visitor destination in Texas. Dallas is easy to get to, with two major airports and a host of Interstate and U.S. Highways. And once in town, public transit and a host of private carriers make it a breeze to get around.

Dallas, Texas offers visitors a unique combination of attractions, accommodations, dining, nightlife, sightseeing, shopping and hospitality not found anywhere else. Come see for yourself.


The Weather Channel - Dallas forecast

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January's weather is the year's coldest at Dallas, Texas. Still, most days are mild and a few even warm. Some nights can get quite chilly now. Yet Dallas often has no snow this month. In most years, Dallas averages a daily maximum temperature for January that's between 53 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit (12 to 16 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 34 and 41 °F (1 to 5 °C).

January is the coldest month overall for Dallas, with the 1st and 2nd its chilliest days. These, along with the last few days of December, have daily highs averaging 55.9 °F (13.3 °C) and lows of 37.0 °F (2.8 °C). Most days during January, Dallas has a daytime temperature of over 40 °F (4 °C). The city averages 5 days this month when the thermometer reaches into the 70s °F (over 21 °C). Usually in January, the temperatures doesn't rise above 80 °F (27 °C).