Day Two: What’s on the Market: Major Dancewear Companies
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Campaign image
Image courtesy of Garlia C. Jones-Ly/Dance Theatre of Harlem

About today’s theme:

"Not being able to buy shoes is a reminder that you are an anomaly and that you aren't given the same consideration as other dancers."~ Brooklyn Mack, The Washington Ballet

pancakingThis quote comes from a recent BBC News article, Why don’t they make shoes for black ballet dancers?” Of course, demand is a key factor in what products retailers put on the market, but do major dancewear companies know just how much demand and need are out there for brown nudes?  Bloch Europe took notice of this need when Eric Underwood, principal dancer of the Royal Ballet, posted pictures of himself “pancaking” his ballet slippers on his Instagram feed (see picture). The dancewear company responded by creating a new shoe color they call “Eric Tan” which will hit the market soon.

We’ve heard anecdotally from major dancewear companies that “there’s just no demand” for nude items to match darker skin tones. This day of the campaign, we’ll demonstrate that demand by showing major dancewear companies what products of theirs we’re already buying--and dyeing.

Video courtesy of Charley Smith student of Amber Grubb, Grubb Arts

Grubb Art 

Get involved today!

Speak out: What items and brands do you buy, only to have to dye them later? #buyanddye

Build your message:

  • Visit the dance retail website where you shop and find the items that you buy.
  • In your message, include the brand’s name, style number, and link to that item online.
  • Include the hashtags #buyanddye and #dyeingtomatch.

Sample messages for social media:

  • I #buyanddye @capezio 1916c lt. Suntan; Capezio doesn’t make mocha tights in size 2-6 for little ones #dyeingtomatch
  • I #buyanddye @BodyWrappers A93 Body Tights:, because I'm more “jazzy brown” than "jazzy tan." #dyeingtomatch.
  • Dear Bloch USA, R3114 women's “nude” briefs only come in one shade: I #buyanddye these to match me. To better serve dancers of color, dance brands must make nude items to match brown skin tones.  #dyeingtomatch.

Social media channels for major dancewear companies:

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