Day Three: For Us By Us: Black-owned Dancewear Companies
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Twitter Chat

About today’s theme:

Do you know about Ballet Cafe Naturals, FleshToneKinetic EssentialsMahogany Blues ApparelNude Barre, and Shades of Dance? These black-owned companies create products such as tights, shoes, leotards, undergarments, and shoe polishes that match various shades of brown! These bold entrepreneurs got in the game to serve dancers of color after being frustrated in their own searches for nude products for themselves--they, too were #dyeingtomatch. Created by dancers for dancers, these product lines and the dedicated people behind them deserve our support, promotion, and celebration! Today, we’ll honor these companies, promote their products, and thank them for creating dancewear just for us. Click Here to view these companies websites.

Get involved today!

Do you wear Ballet Cafe Naturals, FleshToneKinetic Essentials, Mahogany Blues Apparel, Nude Barre, or Shades of Dance? Share a picture of yourself on social media today. Not a customer yet? Find a product that matches you and join in the promotion by telling your networks about these products!

Want to know more?
Meet the entrepreneurs behind these products during a Twitter Chat today at 2pm!

Speak out:
Give a shout out to Ballet Cafe Naturals, FleshTone, Kinetic Essentials,
Mahogany Blues Apparel, Nude Barre, and Shades of Dance!

Build your message:

  • Visit the companies’ websites and see the many shades of brown they offer.
  • In your message, include the brand’s name, name of the color, and a short link to that item online
  • Include the hashtags #mynudeis and #dyeingtomatch

Sample messages for social media:

Social media channels for black dancewear companies:

  • Facebook:
○     Kinetic Essentials
○     Mahogany Blues
○     Nude Barre
○     Shades of Dance
  • Twitter
○      @ballet_cafe
○      @fleshtoneofficial
○      @KE_Store
○      @MBDanceApparel
○      @NudeBarre
  • Instagram