Day One: Why We’re #dyeingtomatch
Monday, April 25, 2016


About the #dyeingtomatch campaign:

For many years, dance companies such as Dance Theatre of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Philadanco!, and so many others have been tackling the matter of dancewear. And dancers of all shades know how real the struggle is to find the correct leotard and tights which match the skin tone.

Video courtesy of District Dance Arts

Dancers often need basic dancewear items--tights, shoes, undergarments--that match their skin tone for both the studio and the professional stage. It can be difficult to find products that match exactly, but it's often impossible if your skin is brown. Many dancewear companies make “nude" items in a single, light color. Dancers of color often purchase these “nude” (or tan, or suntan) products only to then dye or color them to match their skin. This process is time and labor intensive, and with trial and error, it can get expensive.

The lack of multi-tonal dancewear basics on the market from major dancewear brands is an issue of both equity and diversity in the dancewear industry.  With the rise of Misty Copeland, and Michaela DePrince, and watchful eyes on the likes of twin brothers Shaakir and Naazir Muhammed, the dance world (especially ballet) is talking about diversity now more than ever. The dancewear industry needs to embrace diversity and join this conversation as well.

pancaking shoes
Photo courtesy of En Pointe Dance Studio, Baton Rouge, LA

Get involved today!

Share the video above via your social media networks with the hashtag statement: “See why we’re #dyeingtomatch.”

Share the campaign purpose statement via your social media networks with the hashtag statement: “Why we’re #dyeingtomatch”

Speak out: Are you #dyeingtomatch? Share why:

  • Required for your dance program?
  • Availability of colors to match your skin?
  • Accuracy of colors on the market?

Sample messages for social media:

  • I’m #dyeingtomatch b/c I’ve been a @capezio @BlochDance_USA @Danskin @BodyWrappers customer for years; they should acknowledge my skin color
  • Dear Capezio, we're #dyeingtomatch b/c our studio, District Dance Arts, requires students wear skin tone tights for its uniform. To better serve dancers of color, dance brands must make nude items to match brown skin tones

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