Day Four: From Studio to Stage: Hearing from the Black Dance Community
Thursday, April 28, 2016

En Pointe Dance StudioImage courtesy of En Pointe Dance Studio, Baton Rouge, LA

About today’s theme:

Professional black dance companies such as Dance Theatre of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Philadanco!, and many others have been tackling this issue of the lack of nude dancewear items for dancers of color for years. A dancer’s journey to the ranks of these companies starts with the first plié at a school- or community-based dance program or privately-owned dance studio. Nude dancewear basics are required even here, at the beginning of the journey. Today, we’ll disprove what we’re hearing anecdotally from major dancewear companies, that there is “just no demand” for these items. There is indeed great need across the span of a dancer’s career--from studio to stage.

Video courtesy of District Dance Arts

Get involved today!

Share the testimonials of professional black dance companies and their schools that are affected by the lack of nude dancewear items for their artists and students. Share the testimonials of the many school- or community-based dance programs or privately-owned dance studios dealing with this issue, too. Studio Owner and Director Cristine Davis talks with Dance/USA about IABD's campaign!

Build your message:

Are you a studio owner, program director, or professional dance artist? Tell your story of how the lack of dancewear basics in your nude has affected your students or career. Talking points:

  • A brief description of your program or company, including mission, history, and type of work you do
  • Share your thoughts on equity & diversity in the dancewear industry.
  • Why are you participating in and supporting the #dyeingtomatch campaign?
  • What results do you want to see from this campaign?

Example: District Dance Arts’ statement on #dyeingtomatch

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Spread the statements of companies, schools, and studios being released today. Include the hashtag #dyeingtomatch.

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