Day Five: Asking Dancewear Companies to Meet with IABD
Friday, April 29, 2016

Veronica Marche 

About today’s theme:

We’ve spent the week demonstrating just how great and broad the demand is for nude dancewear items that match dancers of color. Professional dance companies, schools, studios, and other dance programs have shared photos of their dancers and told stories about dyeing their items. Other supporters who believe there should be diversity and equity in the dancewear industry have spoken up as well.

IABD is requesting a formal meeting with Bloch USA, Body Wrappers, Capezio, and Danskin to discuss making items to serve dancers of color. Today, we’ll promote IABD’s request and encourage the companies to agree to a meeting. Click Here to read the invitation letter and view preliminary findings and results of the Dancewear survey submitted by Third Eye Cultural Collaborative.

Get involved today!

Encourage mainstream dancewear companies to meet IABD for a discussion about the needs of dancers of color.

Speak out:

Build your message:

Sample messages for social media:

  • @BodyWrappers: please meet with @IABDInc. We’re #dyeingtomatch
  • @BlochDance_USA, @BodyWrappers, @Capezio, @Danskin: please meet with @IABDInc. We’re #dyeingtomatch
  • To better serve dancers of color, dance brands must make nude items to match brown skin tones. Please meet with the International Association of Blacks in Dance for a discussion on addressing the needs of dancers of color. #dyeingtomatch

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